• New car service with Just Auto Service Centre does NOT void your dealer warranty
  • Log Book Servicing, Fleet Vehicle Servicing, All Mechanical Repairs
  • Opening Special Service starts from $70.00
  • Full safety check with every service included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Log-Book servicing?

Service of your vehicle according to the manufacturer's specificed service schedule is necessary to maintain your dealer warranty. When you have your new car serviced with Just Auto Service Centre we strictly follow the manufacturer's handbook service specifications, then stamp your logbook.

All work is carried out by our fully qualified mechanics, using only premium quality parts and products.

Can you service my fleet vehicle?

Just Auto Service Centre is able to service company and fleet vehicles to the highest standards according to the manufacturer's handbook. Please advise at the time of booking if your car is a fleet vehicle.

Fleet benefits include:

  • Manufacturer handbook servicing
  • Breakdown assistance and 24 hour towing available
  • Complete auto service centre to deal with any service and repairs necessary
  • Quick turnaround and service is guaranteed
Do you provide Roadworthy Certificates?

If you are looking to sell your vehicle or to re-register a vehicle, then you will require a "Certificate of Roadworthiness". Just Auto Service Centre is a licensed VIC ROADs vehicle tester and will be able to assess your car to ensure all key criteria are in suitable condition for safe road use.

What is computer diagnosis?

Today's vehicles have complex computer systems that operate much of a car's functionality including A/C, raidos, alarm systems, ABS, cruise control, automatic emissions, engine controls and much more. These on-board computers enable faults and components to be assessed correctly, using computer diagnostic tools by our expert car specialists.

Do you repairs brakes and clutch faults?

Your car's braking system must be fully functional for safe and enjoyable driving. Our brake tests include checking the entire brake system, inspecting disc brakes, brake pads, brake fluid and all brake components. We will repair or replace as necessary.

Just Auto Service Centre is also experienced in clutch repairs and replacement of standard or performance clutches. If you notice any changes in the clutch such as engine revving but no power to the wheels, a vibration when clutch is applied or any difficulty with changing gears, then book in with our firendly auto technicians.

Can you check my steering and suspension?

For smooth, comfortable and reliable driving, your car's steering and suspension should be maintained. Steering and suspension problems that are not fixed, can prematurely wear your tyres as well as affect braking and car handling.

Just Auto Service Centre will inspect under the car, looking at shock absorbers, struts and springs, check tyres, brakes and perform a wheel alignment as required.

Do you do auto electrical repairs?

Just Auto Service Centre have qualified auto electricians who are able to repair or replace alternators, starter motors, air conditioners, batteries, or any auto electrical work required.

Does my car require a tune-up?

Vehicles require a regular tune up for driving performance. At Just Auto Service Centre our car tune-up includes a diagnostic check, replace spark plugs and points if required, and performing other adjustments to maintain or improve your engine performance.

A tune-up may also include checking the battery power, car idle speed and ignition timing.

Do you service hybrid electrical cars?

Although some auto mechanics are not experienced with handling today's breed of hybrid cars, Just Auto Service Centre is able to service and repair your hybrid car.

For any questions please call on 03 9369 9427 or contact us via our CONTACT page

Do you service other vehicles or just cars?

Just Auto Service Centre specialises in all repairs to late model cars, vans and light trucks up to 4.5 tonnes. We also service electric hybrid cars.

We specialise in:

  • Logbook servicing
  • Fleet vehicle servicing
  • Roadworthy certificates
  • Computer diagnosing
  • Brake and clutch repairs
  • Steering and suspension
  • Starters and alternators
  • Auto electrical and Air Conditioning
  • Tune-up - Petrol and Diesel
  • All Mechanical Repairs

Complete Automotive Care

Servicing and Repairs to the highest quality and standards

  • Car tuneup
  • fleet vehicle service
  • all engine repairs

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For all your car service and motor mechanical repairs phone Just Auto Service Centre, Hoppers Crossing on 03 9369 9427.

Workshop hours - Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.

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